Body Care -Venus Freeze- Massage Therapy

257 B Willard Ave.   (Jane St. & Bloor St. West)
Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3R1 

Deep Tissue Massage 

60 mins $80 | 90 mins  $110

This massage releases the chronic patterns of tension throughout the body. Using slow strokes and various depths of pressure we can target specific problem areas. We recommend guests experience a more mild form of massage first to gauge their tolerance to various massage pressures

The Hot Stone Massage 

60 mins $90 | 90 mins $120

Experience the ultimate in peace and relaxation. Warm and cool stones bathes in aromatic essences are applied to the palms of the hands and feet and various energy centers of the body. Stone therapy combined with the traditional therapeutic massage technique will penetrate tense muscles.

Reflexology Treatment 

45 mins $45 | 60 mins $95

This ancient Chinese healing technique uses pressure point massage (usually on feet, hands and ears) to trigger and restore the proper flow of energy throughout the entire body.

Venus Freeze Body Treatments 

Venus Freeze is non-surgical liposuction fat reduction treatment that tightens skin

and reduces cellulite as well.

The Venus Freeze treatment is a temperature-monitored, radiofrequency (RF)

soft tissue heating, designed for fat reduction and skin tightening .

      Price per treatment      $200   

Package of 3 treatments  $500

Package of 6 treatments  $1000

Package of 9 treatments  $1400

Package of 12 or more treatments $1900+