Service includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming,

moisturizing hand and polish application.  $27

French Manicure       $28

Spa Manicure
This luxurious treatment for your hands begins with a regular manicure and

exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask and finishing paraffin treatment.  $37

Shellac Manicure
Applies like polish - 14 day wear -

Removal in minutes . No nail damage

Bio sculpture Nail Extensions
New Set - $56

Fill for Gel Nails - $45

*Non-Chip permanent nail color
*Add length and strength
*Easy to remove
*No lifting or creasing

Includes an herbal whirlpool soak, callous removal,

nail and cuticle care, massage and final

polish for smooth and healthy feet.   $45

French Pedicure   $47

Spa Pedicure
This signature treatment begins with a delightful herbal foot soak, then a foot exfoliation

and nail shaping. A massage of the feet and lower leg is followed by a refreshing Marine

foot mask or paraffin treatment, warm booties and a final polish.    $58

Shellac Pedicure
Regular European pedicure with long

lasting shellac polish.  $58

Hand Polish Change     $15

Toe Polish Change   $20

 Ion Cleanse
Ion cleanse is a powerful way to experience cellular detoxification,the ion cleanse

devise generates a stream of positive and negative ions which attract and attach themselves

to oppositely charged toxic particles,toxins are drawn out of the

body through the pores of your feet.

 1 Session        $39
10 Session      $340​

257 B Willard Ave.   (Jane St. & Bloor St. West)
Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3R1 

Hand & Foot Care